Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Recital Centre Admiration

The inner walls of the Melbourne Recital Centre are covered in these patterns of carved timber: The backs of the seats are also timber--all of which contributes to the resonance of the hall. The floors are a light wood in the hall itself. In the foyer there is an amazing textured carpet, with raised ridges in similar patterns to the inner walls.

I've already complained that I only had my phone camera with me, plus the concert was booked out, so my attempts to photograph the carpet were limited and unsuccesful. I'd made a point of talking to the nearest staff member before I even tried to get a shot of the carpet--bending down in a crowded room with a camera is rather unusual and potentially suspect behaviour. To get the shot I wanted I would have needed a decent lens, plus I probably would have been lying on the floor to get and "ant's eye" perspective. That was not going to happen in the circumstances!

One of our class exercises in the Weaving Course is an undulated twill. I completed my little sample fairly quickly and was rather unimpressed with the pattern overall, but now it's coming back to me in a new light when I think about those walls. I might see what I can do with it when life settles down a bit.

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