Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I finally got on with some weaving yesterday. I've been a bit overwhelmed by the number of projects I need to work on. For a while there I got stuck worrying about it all, rather than getting it done. But yesterday was a good day for making progress. I finished off my samples on the double cloth--more about those later. I got that off the loom and started putting on the next warp. It's the Huck Lace for our Weaving Class shared project.

Now lace would traditionally be done in a light-neutral colour, but this warp is nearly 4 metres long and there just wasn't enough white or cream yarn of the right weight in the teaching stash at the Guild, so I've ended up with Sunny Yellow.
It's a cotton-linen blend yarn and I'm getting fond of the warm colour already, although at first I was rather unimpressed with it. I've made my first threading error, but thankfully I'd only threaded about thirty ends, so I can pull it out and try again this morning. If I can get a good run at it today, I'll be very pleased with myself. I also need to prepare for the last of my Triangles classes at the Neighbourhood House tonight.

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