Monday, September 28, 2009

Tulip Trap

We went to the Tulip Festival last week. I was prepared to be wowed by the beauty of the blooms and I'd armed myself with my camera and macro lens. I expected some tempting dutch treats and perhaps an enticing cafe or bakery along the way. What I wasn't prepared for is this:
There was an alpaca tent set up just near the entrance to the festival. Not just any alpaca tent, Freshfield Alpacas--these are the people who sold me my beloved Little Gem spinning wheel. Their alpaca fibre is a lovely thing. And apart from the cute animals to admire, they had tables full of beautiful textiles. I came home with a bag of hand-dyed red-burgundy alpaca fibre. Just one bag. It has E's name on it. She has a birthday in November. By then it will be so hot in Queensland that the thought of giving her a hand-spun crochet hat will be totally ridiculous, but she wants the hat, so I'll do my best to make it for her.

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