Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thank You, Driver

The Love Birds are here! I've been referring to them as "the engaged couple"in previous posts--the blanket I'm working on is my engagement gift for them. And I got to be the lucky one to drive them when we went out yesterday. They asked, "Is it ok if we both sit in the back?" Not a problem! So, here they are cosily seated in the back of my car: That's my rear view mirror, if you need a bit of orientation. And yep, they're all bundled up in winter woollies, even though it was a fine spring day yesterday. Their last stop was Mackay in Tropical Central Queensland and besides, it would be a pity for those carefully selected warm clothes to go to waste. The grey and green creation on J's head actually had a previous life as a tea cosy, but that's another story altogether.

Today we're heading over to the Tulip Festival. I've charged up both my camera batteries and am choosing my most comfortable shoes. There should be plenty of beauty and inspiration, plus good coffee and company.

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