Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I spent several hours yesterday spinning silk tops. My aim is to spin them so fine that the yarn can be used for embroidery thread. Very fine means lots of twist so that the thread will hold together. I'm achieving my aim, but it's hard work. I'm literally wearing a little groove in my finger as I spin the yarn: I've backed the tension off as much as possible, but even so I need to stop periodically to give my finger a rest. And no, I can't protect my finger with gloves or a thimble, because I'm relying on the sensitivity in that finger pad to control the thickness of my yarn. Oh well . . . they say that women will suffer much for beauty! I'm not one to suffer for the sake of my personal appearance, but for the sake of beautifully fine glossy silk? Yep! I'm happy to suffer a bit for that.


Dee said...

...and those of us who love t make use of such fine embroidery thread do soooooo much appreciate the spinning and the suffering incurred. :)

Knitspingirl said...

Hmmm ... beautiful silk ... They do say "beauty is pain"!