Monday, September 7, 2009

Fish and Chips

After weaving on Saturday, my friend R and I headed over to Williamstown to have a look around. R has just got the go ahead to move into a unit over there in a few months time. Checking out the local fish and chips shop was a priority. There are several. We found a good one, even though they didn't have any of my favourite, blue grenadier.

And of course, the inevitable sea gulls: I had a crazy idea and implemented it before I had time to think . . . I can verify that these gulls will do just about anything for a chip! They dive bombed to catch chips from the air; they took chips from my hand and they even plucked chips from on top of my head. Putting a chip on my head and holding very still while a gull grabbed it was my crazy idea! What can I say . . . ? my brains were fried after a day of weaving.

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