Saturday, September 19, 2009


One of the people to whom I turned for support this week, described my situation as "fragile". It's not a way I normally think of myself, but it was a gentle reminder in the midst of my stress. So I took "fragile" as my word for the day and tried to be a little more careful with myself than usual. Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of minutes in the garden. I'd really only gone out to deal with my overflowing rubbish bins, but this dandelion caught my eye. So I went for my camera: It looks so much better set against the sky than it did among all the other weeds in my garden bed! And yes, you can take a guess about the state of my garden from the fact that the dandelion was a feature. Though at least one of my rose bushes is surprisingly healthy given the neglect they have been receiving.

As for textiles, I didn't get anywhere yesterday, but I'm hoping to do an hour of weaving this morning. One of my fellow students has finished with her sample--it's the double faced twill that I'm particularly keen to do--so I'm meeting her at the Guild this morning to do a loom swap.

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Dee said...

love the dandelion pic. it is a good reminder to be gentle with yourself... i will remember it too. :)