Friday, May 29, 2009

Ball Bands

Ball bands: those vital little scraps of paper packed with useful information. Yarn composition, metreage, colour, dyelot, recommended tension, washing instructions . . . it's all there. How to read a ball band is part of my Knitting 101 class. After that lesson, this little bit of paper becomes a treasured posession. And rightly so. But now that I'm cleaning up, I'm finding dozens of them. I'm trying to decide whether to toss them out or make something of them. Just now I'm leaning towards the idea of using them in some creative way. After all, they don't really take up much room.

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Dee said...

ohhhhh dear... isn't that the creative persons conundrum? so many ideas and things for inspiration... so little time to turn all those ideas into art... so little space to store all those things that each take up only a small amount of space.
i think i will need to live to 100 (with all faculties including sight and dexterity) to compete my list. what about you?