Saturday, May 23, 2009

Industrial Revolution

I love the simplicity of most of my textile work. I love the feeling of getting back to basics. What I'm working with are among the most basic machines. The industrialisation of textile production was one of the truly revolutionary aspects of the industrial revolution. Textile workers rioted and attacked the new textile mills in desparation at losing their livelihood. I'm not a great historian, but I like to keep in mind how fundamental the production of textiles is to any society.

I am regularly reminded that my textile tools are simple machines. Nothing reminds me more quickly than when a squeak develops in my spinning wheel. The sound of metal on metal cuts through the peace of my morning. So here's a pic of one of my favourites:
It's a can of penetrating oil and it really works. This stuff is especially helpful for the tiny little hinges that are hidden in the back of the treadles on my wheel. And just for a bonus, the can is a perfect example of a triad of primary colours--red, blue, yellow--that's fundamental too.

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