Friday, May 15, 2009


I didn't get to do the cotton dyeing yesterday. Somehow I just didn't have it in me after not enough sleep the night before.

What I did manage to do was stop off at a flooring showroom on my way to my afternoon appointment. I'm looking at replacing my carpet with something more suited to my lifestyle. Light coloured carpet hasn't got a chance against me and my dogs and my textiles!
Would you believe this is bamboo?

I'm considering bamboo flooring. It's apparently quite hard-wearing and I like the fact that it's a renewable resource. The big question is, "what's going to happen when I spill my dyes on it". I don't intend to spill my dyes, but realistically, it's going to happen.

I found a friendly salesman who was happy to let me bring home a sample and see what happens. So this piece of of bamboo flooring is going to be on my workbench for the next couple of weeks. I'll make sure it gets a good spattering of whatever I'm working with. If it still looks good after that, I'll be convinced.

Of course, the major challenge then will be getting myself sorted to have the floors replaced. The thought of packing everything up is horrifying. One of the attractions of the bamboo is that it comes pre-sealed, so I could have one room done at a time. Then again the state of my carpet is horrifying, so I guess it will be worth it in the end. Meanwhile I'm amused that bamboo is also one of the new yarns I've started to use recently. It's a beautiful glossy fibre with a lovely drape.

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Dee said...

:) I AM HOPING THAT THE BAMBOO flooring works (opps caps lock) - the idea of natural bamboo flooring goes well with all of your textile adventures. :) here's to a good test period.