Monday, May 25, 2009

Stash! What Stash?

I'm seriously working towards having my floors replaced. The thought of having shiny new floors is fantastic. But the challenge is going to be moving every single item of furniture in my house. If you've seen my house, you'll know that's a challenge and a half. Not that I have lots of furniture, but I have lots of textile stuff and a lot of it is, shall we say, random. I've started calling in friends for help.
My friend Meg came over yesterday to help me get started. I handed her the big basket from next to my armchair and asked her to empty it and take it away. Here's the result:

I didn't think of that basket as a wool stash--do I know the meaning of the word denial! It was supposed to be a place for current projects: just what I needed within easy reach of where I sit and knit. So now I know I need to find storage for all that yarn. Believe it or not, that's a step forward. Until yesterday the bottom of that basket was a black hole. I'm not sure how many black holes I still have to find. I do know that the man from the flooring shop is going to be here in an hour and a half to give me a quote.

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Dee said...

OHHHHH dear... progress is goood, but things tend to get worse before getting better and blackholes don't seem to be exempt.... :)