Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here's the Kitchen Sink

I've often joked when packing for a trip to the Guild that I have everything but the kitchen sink. Today I'm featuring that vital item.

Here is the kitchen sink: If you know me and my housekeeping habits, you will be surprised to see it so clear and clean. I may as well admit, it only looks like this when I'm about to do a batch of dyeing. It's procion dyes today in preparation for the Hand Dye workshop at the Neighbourhood House next week. I always like to be extra sure that I have everything in order before a class. So a dummy run at home is the order of the day. Besides, it gives me an opportunity to do some dyeing for myself and try out some new ideas. I'm always too tied up with what the students are doing during a workshop to have much of a go myself.

Soon the kitchen will be awash with coloured cottons . . . and then I'll have to get all that put away so I can eat again. I dream of a dedicated studio area with it's own big double laundry tubs, but that's not going to happen for a while yet. For the time being it's the good old kitchen sink.

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Dee said...

woohoo shiny sink ;) - now i want to see it with the colour process happening - much more fun than boring old dishes.