Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today's Market

Last month's market was about exploration. Today was about persistence and building relationship. The forecast was for cloudy weather with scattered showers--maximum 15. Here's how my stall looked for the best part of the first hour: I put on and took off the plastic cover several times. Note to self: I must get a more substantial plastic sheet. It did get better, but we spent a lot of time looking at the sky and wondering whether it was time to retreat. The market isn't really big enough to be found if we shelter in the church, though it's nice to have the option.

There were four stalls today. Isha, who coordinates the market couldn't make it and there was a new stall-holder, plus the three of us who were new last month. Lots of friendly chatter and more interest from passers-by than last time. We also had an enquiry from a potential stall-holder. As for me, the joy of showing a child how the spinning wheel works and listening to a woman from Argentina tell me about her mother's spinning goes a long way. Even so, I'm going to have to make some smaller, more "marketable" items before next month.


Emily Lawler said...

Hi! I always read your stuff- not because I know anything about textile design but because you're a really consistent blogger and I like learning. But yeah, you've been on my google reader for a while, I didn't realize I wasn't following you! And today I saw an article on a different blog that made me think of what you do!

I think they're making cozies for parking meters, which looks adorable to me :)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks Emily, good to know you're there. I generally limit my designs to humans, but I love the idea the more "out there" designs. Friends of mine made a huge scarf for a bridge last year:)

Dee said...

sounds like another successful market by your measuring stick... positive contact and pr. got any pics of the stall sans cover? would love to see it :).