Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Dog's Life

Packing up the house is still high on my agenda. The dogs are starting to wonder what's going on. But they're still spending a lot of their time asleep on their cushions in my sunny north window.

These cushions are among my simplest and best-used textile creations. They're getting grotty with use and will need to be replaced sometime soon, but I'll wait until everything else is settled before attempting that. The dogs will apreciate the comfort of their familiar smells when their world is going topsy-turvy.

As for me, I'm plying up a couple of skeins of white hand-spun this morning. It's a task that's not even on the priority list, but I too am feeling unsettled and need something familiar to hang on to. Later on I'll have to do some more packing.

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Dee said...

oh soooo cute!!