Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Woollen Spinning

This roll of fluff is a rolag of wool. A rolag is the beginning point for woollen spinning. Woollen spinning is the topic for my Spinning Certificate homework this month. In contrast to the worsted spinning I've been featuring in the last few weeks, woollen spinning is all about making the fibres jumble up in random directions. The aim is to trap as much air as possible between the fibres. The result is a light fluffy yarn. You could think of it as the spinning equivalent of a souffle!
Like making a souffle, it's a fair bit of work to get the preparation right, and then it's all too easy to lose that precious lightness and end up with a disappointing flatness. But in both cases a successful result is delicious, luxurious and oooohhh so worth the effort!
At this stage I think the key for me is just more practice. The technique is remarkably different from the way I normally spin and I need to develop a light hand. I'm told the key is to relax! Relaxing never has been one of my great strengths--and concentrating on relaxing is one of those tantalising oxymorons! But I'm going to have another go today.

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