Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a Small World

The internet is a marvelous thing! I checked my messages on Saturday and found a query from a weaver in South Carolina, USA. She wants to learn to weave damask and found my blog while searching. Can I help?

Being asked to explain what I'm doing is such a stimulus for me. At this stage my damask weaving is like following a recipe. I'm still reading the steps one by one. It almost feels like magic when a picture starts to emerge. But I'm taking this as a challenge to understand and communicate what I'm doing.

While I was at the Guild on Saturday I found this book in the library:
I started reading it last night. It's translated from Swedish and so far there's lots of history and geography and not much how to. Weaving class is on again this Saturday, so I'll pick Gerlinde's brains.

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