Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I'm heading out of town later today. I have a friend's wedding to prepare for as well as the usual holiday bits and pieces. In these situations I just love to have a list of things to do. I wrote one out before going to bed last night. That minimised the urgent mental reminders which would otherwise have interfered with my sleep.

The extra twist on holiday preparations for me is keeping my dogs happy. I have a friend coming to look after them, so it's all good from that point of view, but they have an uncanny ability to detect any form of packing activity--even if I don't pull out my suitcase until the last moment!

As for the clever reminder gizmo, I picked it up from an office supply store a while back. It hangs on the front door knob to hold my keys and any other bits and pieces which I want to have to hand just as I head out. It's not nearly big enough to handle today's lists, though.


Knitspingirl said...

What a great reminder doo-dad. It certainly beats the old sticky note!

Textile Tragic said...

thanks--there's even a loop in the back to hold those envelopes I was meaning to drop in the mail . . . :)