Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bling Thing

Here I am at the Bride's family home. The place is littered with pink and glittering finery in various stages of completion. Oddly enough, with so much to do, it was a rather insignificant basket which caught our attention yesterday afternoon. It needed prettying up and the name of the game is "bling".In the morning I'd gone with R to pick up her bridesmaid dress. There was a bargain box on the counter. The diamante star caught my eye and I decided that for only a few dollars it needed to come home with me. I have images of it adorning a simple black t-shirt. When it came to dressing up the basket, I ran to my room and brought out my bling contribution. Decorating the basket was fun, though way out of proportion to its priority status. Today on the other hand I've made myself a list of tasks. Tablecloths for the reception are high on the list, as are some skirts for my friend to wear. I'll have the challenge of getting to know a new sewing machine and overlocker to keep my mind focussed.

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