Monday, January 17, 2011

Next Day

Most of yesterday was spent recovering from the big day. After an early burst of activity to pack and clear the reception venue, we all did as little as possible for the afternoon. My friends went over to dinner with the family who had done most of the make-up and hair on the day--good friends of theirs. I didn't feel I had the social battery power required, so I stayed back. My reward was an unexpected couple of hours with the newly married couple who dropped in to finalise documents and other last minute preparations before heading off on their honeymoon.

Here's J on her way to pack the last things into their car. After a day of "princess" finery, she seemed comfortable in a red and white gingham sundress. Turns out the easiest way to carry a bridal veil when your hands are full is to stick it in your hair.

Today it's my turn to pack and go. I can't quite get my head into the space where my everyday concerns and responsibilities operate. I guess I'll find it sometime after my feet hit the ground back in Melbourne.

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