Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bye Bye Little Loom

I got this little loom several years ago. I thought I'd be able to use it for samples, but as I learned more about the process of weaving, I realised that important issues like beat and tension would be so different on such a tiny specimen as to be virtually useless in predicting how the structure might behave on a full-sized loom. I've kept it as a bit of a mascot. Moving into my new studio and making room in my house for the anticipated foster children has made me more ruthless about the use of my space. Still, I'm fond enough of my baby loom to want to find it a good home. I spoke to my friend R at the Guild. She does some demonstrating of spinning and weaving in schools. This little darling would be great to allow little people to have a go at really weaving. And it's small enough to fit into her car along with all the other bits of equipment she needs for her travelling textile show. I pulled it down off the shelf this morning. Of course it's covered in dust. It's time for me to leave for my weaving group catch up. But I'd rather spend the time posting an explanation and farewell than cleaning it up.


Dee said...

what things can be made on a tiny loom? scarves? hankies?

Textile Tragic said...

Anything that's less than about 20cm wide and either fine enough &/or short enough to fit on the rollers, so it's more of a novelty than a real workhorse, but R seems delighted with it for the children to use.