Monday, January 10, 2011

Essential Items

On the sidelines of the general preparations for the wedding, we've been setting aside items for an emergency kit: bits and pieces which might be required at short notice to patch up members of the bridal party on the big day. My big blue umbrella won't be a just in case item, though. I felt a bit silly bringing it with me from Melbourne, but as it turns out, it hasn't stopped raining here for weeks. In amongst all the other activities yesterday, there was the constant humming of the clothes dryer. I tried hanging out a few things that were nearly dry under cover, but soon found that they were gaining rather than losing moisture from the saturated air. I joked a while ago that I should find some matching gumboots for my wedding day outfit. Now I'm seriously considering that possibility. Thankfully there's no sign of any local flooding, but things are certainly very wet.

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