Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bunch of Flowers

Some years ago my friend L had minor surgery. By the way, I've heard "minor surgery" defined as "surgery that happens to some-one else"; whereas "major surgery" is "surgery that happens to me" Leaving such definitions aside, I wanted to do something for my friend at the time, but the traditional bunch of flowers didn't take my fancy. Instead I bought a dress length of cotton-linen fabric and dyed it up in one of her favourite colours. You can get an idea of how many years ago by the fact that this colour was nowhere to be found in the shops. Over the years, the fabric has been destined for a summer dress. First L had to trace off the pattern from her favourite sundress. I think it took the following summer for her to get to cutting it out, and another year later it was mostly done.

This week L's back at work and now that the rain has stopped, she's wearing her new dress--and matching ladybird earings: It looks great on her, and she's receiving compliments left, right and centre. The sight of her wearing it makes me smile, and the "bunch of flowers" tag has stuck, which just adds to the brightness.

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Vireya said...

I admired that dress yesterday, but I didn't know its history. Lovely!