Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Purchase

I bought a TV cabinet yesterday. Flat packed, of course. That gives me the prospect of another 3-D assembly puzzle to keep myself occupied today. I couldn't resist the opportunity to spend ten minutes in the store's Bargain Corner. There wasn't anything I needed, but I just had to pick through the shelf of textile items, just in case. What did I find?. . . about three metres of this blue stuff. The back of the label tells me in 31 different languages that it's 100% polyester. Each language is carefully labelled with it's international abbreviation. All but ten actually have the same word, with slight variations in spelling: "polyester", "polyestria", "poliestre" . . . so I'm left in no doubt as to the fibre content. The front of the label tells me what not to do. I'm not generally fond of synthetics. At $1.50 though, I decided to bring it home. Maybe I was just in a contrary mood. After all, the fabric seems innocent enough, despite the extensive warnings and the apparent impossibility of cleaning it in any way. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. For now it can sit with my foil jersey fabrics in the "possibilities" department.


Vireya said...

Do not wash or dryclean is pretty good! At $1.50 I'd throw it in the washing machine; what can go wrong with polyester if you wash it? Should be interesting to find out...

Can I come shopping with you? You really do seem to be able to find a bargain.

Textile Tragic said...

Sure, come shopping with me any time--I do seem to be having a lucky streak. The trouble of course is knowing when to quit while I'm ahead:)

Dee said...

colour - check
price - check
quantity - check
washability - ?
purpose - ?

so far 3/5 aint bad.
can't wait to see the next edition of this one. ;)