Tuesday, November 2, 2010


What is it about weddings? One of the uniquely formative moments of a couple's life, surrounded by infinite little details!

I spent several hours yesterday carving this stamp: It's a monogram for my friends J and A to use on their wedding invitations. It felt good to focus exclusively on such a tiny aspect of their special day: not just the technical challenges of shaping the letters, but the relationship between the parts and the balance of the whole. I thought about the inevitable imperfections when something is made by hand--and the attractiveness of that reality. Today my friend D--J's mum--is spending the morning with a beading needle and thread, securing I don't know how many faceted glass beads to the hem of the wedding dress. There's a particular little sequin she has been unable to match. I'll try the local shops down here when the Cup holiday is over and post them to her. Meanwhile J is finishing her end of semester assignments at Uni and A is working and house-hunting. None of it's perfect, but it's good to be involved.


Ang Pang said...

What's it carved from?

Textile Tragic said...

It's a soft rubbery stuff--a modern equivalent of what used to be "lino"--bought from an art supply shop.

Textile Tragic said...

Oh, and then it's stuck to a bit of timber to stabilise it. What you can see in the pic is actually the back where I've glued a paper sample of the print.