Saturday, November 13, 2010

Box Hill TAFE Textile Art

I made an expedition to Manningham Gallery yesterday afternoon for the Box Hill TAFE Textile Art students' graduation exhibition. I'm glad I did. Apart from enjoying the students' work, I was keen to check out what the exhibition could tell me about the course from which they are graduating. I was lucky enough to be there at the same time as some of the students and one of the teachers for the course. I later discovered they were there for a final appraisal and interview process.
I gather from both the exhibition pieces and the conversations I had that the course is broad and accommodating of a variety of styles and techniques--good! Also it has a strong Art base, with drawing offered in each year--also good. I'm hoping this is the next stage in my development as a textile artist. Next step is an information evening in a few weeks time.
Meanwhile my shed-studio is growing slowly. It now has a subfloor and all of a sudden I can see how big it really is. Photos will have to wait--it's raining again. When the rain stops I'll go back to--you guessed it--ditch digging. Yesterday was hot and humid, today it's cool and wet. Hopefully the weather will clear enough that I can make some progress soon.


SewSofie said...

Awesome. I was thinking of doing at textile design course at RMIT in Brunswick but, yet again, chickened out (been going to the open day for 2 years now). Maybe next year i'll enrol. Hope the course is all you want it to be!

Textile Tragic said...

I checked out the Brunswick course but decided this one would give me more scope for what I want to do. Goodluck with finding the time/courage/energy . . . to enrol when you're ready.