Sunday, November 7, 2010


I guess this is the emblem of yesterday:A huge paintbrush and rubber gloves--I spent the day painting the raw cedar panels for my new shed. It was an all day job to get the first coat of stain on. 4.8 by 3.8 and 2.1 meters--you can do the sums if you like. It would have taken even longer than that if it wasn't for my friend W coming up to give me a hand for a couple of hours in the afternoon. After she left, Rob arrived to help me move the panels into the back yard. I didn't think I could lift one of those panels. It took both his strength and his encouragement for us to get them where they needed to be. Now I've just received at text from W, she's on her way up to help with the second coat. Augh! If it wasn't for her generous enthusiasm I think I'd just groan and try to go back to sleep. On the other hand it will be great to have so much done. But first, I'm going to brew myself another coffee. I need something more to propel me back out to the land of cedarcote, gloves and paintbrushes.

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