Friday, November 12, 2010

The Shed Story Continues

The story of the shed so far is a tale of holes. On the first day I had been warned not to expect much apparent progress. That was an accurate prediction. The result of a day's work by three men turned out to be twelve holes, like this one. Yesterday's progress consisted of a five minute visit from building inspector. I'd been told to expect a man with a tape-measure. That's exactly what appeared. He measured one hole, peered into the other eleven, declared everything ok and left again.

Meanwhile I've been digging a ditch. I am not the world's greatest ditch digger. Progress has been slow and somewhat painful. The ground is heavy clay and there are some decent sized rocks. I'm learning to be a bit more accurate with a mattock and shovel and finding the crow-bar helpful in spots. I am very glad of my leather gloves. They are no longer white. I'm not confident enough of myself or my digging expertise to carry on in the presence of three unknown workmen. They've just arrived for today's work, so I guess I'll do some more this evening. Their task today is to build the subfloor--that's what will hold the shed up, I guess. Then Monday is another inspection day, so they will work elsewhere. That gives me the weekend to finish digging my ditch before the electrician comes to lay the power line. So, today I plan to do some sorting inside and visit the exhibition of the students graduating from Box Hill TAFE's Textile Art course. I'm seriously considering this course for next year, so I'll be particularly interested in the show.


Teresa said...

How exciting! The footings, etc. always take the longest time. Once they're done, it'll be up in no time. Then you'll have your dedicated workspace.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks for the encouragement, yep, I gather next week things should really happen quite quickly.

Knitspingirl said...

Go you good ditch-digger thing you!
What a wonderful christmas pressie for you - a brand new studio. I'm loving the wooden design too.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks! I'll think of you when I'm digging tomorrow.

ixchel bunny said...

Nice Trench ! if you don;t like the inspector you can at least put him't mind my warped mind..Anyway, looking forward to hearing all about the progess next sturday at the bunny spin in :-) by the wy: amazing "hole-y" art work! very impressed!