Friday, November 19, 2010

Huck Luck

Back to the Craft Superstore yesterday morning to buy supplies for Christmas crafting. I like to make some fancy little towels and of course I'm fussy about the quality of the fabric. I asked for waffle or huck in 100% cotton. Thankfully the assistant was one of the experienced fabric sales people and she knew exactly what I was after. "We haven't had waffle weave since you bought it last Christmas". But she offered me this: I liked it. She then checked the price: the computer came up with a figure just over half of what was written on the label. "Oh, and you can have another 30% off if you buy the whole roll" Done! It's just over 7 metres. I'm guessing I won't use all of that this year, but you never know. And there's always next year. Now to overlock the edges and throw the lot into the washing machine.


Dee said...

what a nice weave... of course the colour is very you. 7m makes a lot of tea towels. I await to see what you do with it! :)
...tee hee my recognition word is "inifyis". It looks too me like a new derititive of the finis root family and am giving it the meaning: much fabric but not quite infinite. ;)

Textile Tragic said...

Actually the colour is pure white, but the combination of "brighteners and whiteners" and my cameras light properties made it come out blue. Ah well.

Janet said...

If it is the 'experienced' person I know at this Boxhill store, a gem! She remembers me from the fabric store in Shopping town when my children were small, that would be 25+ years ago. Good find!

Textile Tragic said...

Hi Janet, this was the Essendon store--a lot of the staff there came over from the Niddrie store and really know their stuff. Sounds like there are a few gems around:)