Saturday, November 6, 2010


My shed arrived yesterday . . . in a manner of speaking. It seems that every aspect of this project develops it's own unexpected twists and turns. I had arranged for the outer panels of the shed to be delivered early so that I can use the weekend to apply a protective stain to them. Three of the walls will be up against my fence line--the shed is to be tucked in to the back section of my little garden. The last time I see them will be before the shed goes up. In case you're wondering about the permit situation, it's ok. The building permit hasn't been issued yet, but staining the panels doesn't count as building. As long as I don't pick up a hammer or a spanner I'm in the clear.

Also on the agenda for yesterday was a trip into the city to discuss possible future study options--that's a story for another day. I'd hoped to make the arrangements for delivery on the Thursday, but no-one got back to me. Before I went to bed on Thursday night I shot off an email to the shed people. I've noticed they start work sometime before my first cup of coffee in the morning. My message explained that I'd be out in the middle of the day, would they please contact me on my mobile regarding delivery of the shed.

Off I went to my appointment. I left the mobile on as long as I could. When I hadn't heard anything about the delivery, I shrugged it off. Worst case scenario I'd have to do the painting early next week. I got home at 2.00 pm. There were two messages on my answering machine from the shed company. The second told me that the shed would be delivered by 1.30 pm. I looked at my watch and picked up the phone. Why didn't I go and check outside? It's like this, my place is tiny. My street frontage is only about 5 metres wide. About half of that is occupied by my rose garden. My car was parked in the remaining area. I keep my side gate locked. There's nowhere out there for a shed to hide. B, the sales manager answered the phone in his normal bright tone of voice. Yes, the shed had been delivered. The courier had stacked the panels on my front lawn. I dont' have a front lawn!

Off I went down the street to look for evidence of a stray shed. It felt a bit like the times when my dogs have managed to slip out through the front gate. I figured it wouldn't be far from home, but it's a bit embarrassing peering into neighbours driveways. Meanwhile, the sales manager was contacting the courier on his mobile phone. I'm guessing I found the shed at about the same time as B tracked down the courier. Fortunately both the courier and my neighbour are easy-going types. Gary, my neighbour had come home to find an unexpected stack of shed panels in his front garden. He's been waiting on some roof repairs and there are plans for renovating his bathroom, so he immediately contacted his landlord to see if there had been some mix up. Of course, the landlord knew nothing about it. Meanwhile, the courier made his way back to my street and good-humouredly started reloading his truck. The panels are too heavy to be simply carried down the road. Here he is at work. My roof is the green one you can see at the far left of the pic. It's four doors down from Gary's place. I couldn't help questioning the courier about the situation. He blamed his GPS. Had he driven down the street or looked for a street number on the houses? No, why should he? He did have some doubts when he couldn't see the side gate--Gary has no side gate. Did he think of phoning back to the office to check on the discrepancy? Well, maybe, but he was out of phone credit. I wasn't going to try to fathom the logic of a courier who drives about an hour and a half across town to deliver a load and doesn't have the capacity to contact either the sender or the receiver of that load. I offered him a glass of water. No, thanks. I contacted B to let him know the situation was under control and went in to make myself a cuppa.

This morning I've been out with a paintbrush already. I've got a friend coming to give me a hand later in the afternoon and the electrician coming to check out his side of the job this morning. I'm hoping today will be a bit more straightforward than yesterday, but I'm not counting on it.


Ang Pang said...

That's hilarious really!! A bit lacking in common sense, but funny ( for me, reading it anyway) :) Glad you sorted it

Dee said...

sigh... what is that stereotype about men and directions?

Textile Tragic said...

Ang--I found it quite funny too. It might have been less amusing if the courier hadn't come back, but as it was I just wasted a bit of time and a couple of phone calls and scored myself a great story:)

Dee--it depends on your point of view. He did follow the directions--of the GPS at least--but no, he didn't stop and ask!

SewSofie said...

How funny! As you say, it would have been mighty frustrating had he not come back.