Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Wonders of Ancient Technology

This is an umbrella swift: Umbrella because it folds up and opens out just like an umbrella. Swift because it's a mechanism for holding a skein of yarn while it's being wound into a ball. If you've ever tried winding a skein by hand, you'll appreciate how much quicker and easier the task becomes with a twirling skein-holder. Swift by name and swift by nature. Here it is in use:
The yarn I've chosen for my end of year weaving project is a tightly spun high lustre silk. I bought a skein months ago just because it was irresistably gorgeous. It's also infuriatingly slippery, as I discovered when I tried to wind it yesterday. Gerlinde suggested using the umbrella swift. I own one--not as big nor as lovely as the one at the Guild. What I hadn't realised is that when it's set up sideways like this, gravity helps to hold the skein in place and winding becomes much easier. That was a happy discovery.

So, my silk is now wound into two neat balls. I have an idea for my project, but it's rather complicated--surprise:) So I have lots of sampling to do before I can go ahead. Meanwhile I've brought home my loom with the end of the yellow Huck Lace warp. It needs to be woven off. I also have the Summer and Winter sampler to do. So lots of weaving coming up. But today is a quiet day. There's just been too much happening lately and I desperately need some time to catch up with myself.

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