Thursday, October 22, 2009

Basket-weaving Anyone?

I've had a couple of really slow days. But one thing I did manage yesterday was another half hour or so in the garden. I'm trying to overcome months of neglect. The garden beds are full of kikuyu grass. It's incredibly tough stuff. There's also the myoporum which I planted. In places it's become a mass of old twigs several inches deep. Here's the weed pile so far: There's much more to come. In reality, the pile will settle a little as the weeds dry out, but I've been fantasising about using the kikuyu and myoporum for basket weaving. Both have long runners about the thickness of my little finger and I've had to use my secatuers to cut them. They're too strong for my hands. Come to think of it, if I include the jungle at the back of the my place, there's probably enough there to thatch a house!


Ang Pang said...

Maybe send it into the Melbourne Uni OT dept for the basket weaving classes!!!!

Textile Tragic said...

Oh yes, of course, that's what OT's do . . . :)