Thursday, October 1, 2009

Warrandyte Opp Shopping

I had a day out with D yesterday. Our days out usually involve scenic drives, coffee and shopping--particularly Opp shops and Craft shops. Yesterday was no exception. After a successful visit to a favourite shoe factory outlet in Sydney Rd, we drove out to Warrandyte. Fish and chips for lunch and we were ready to browse. There are two very different Opp shops in Warrandyte. The Lions one on the main street--rather up-market--and the Rotary one further down the road--it's a jumble, but capable of some real bargains.

I had a particularly successful scrounge: Two good books from the Lions Opp shop:
  • "Spin Your Own Wool and Dye It and Weave It" by Molly Duncan
  • "Teach Yourself Quilting" by Janet Wickell

Both good overviews of their respective crafts, with lots of pictures. Molly Duncan's includes diagrams for making your own Inkle loom. That was enough to justify my $4 investment.

And another $4 investment at the Rotary Opp shop scored me a salad spinner. I've been looking for one to spin out skeins of wool after I've washed them. My new front loading washing machine has a fixed spin cycle, so I can't just toss in a skein for a quick spin for a few seconds. Besides, the tumbling action threatens to felt my skeins unless there's enough volume in the load to balance things out. So a salad spinner is just the thing.

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