Monday, October 19, 2009


I've already spent a good hour weaving this morning. I've stopped before winding the cloth on a bit further to do the hemming, since this bit of weaving might end up as a little place-mat or some such. And to my frustration, I've had to stop half way and go find my reading glasses to finish the hemming: It's not that I can't see what I'm doing, but keeping up the accuracy is a strain and that's why I've had the glasses for the past year or so. The trouble is, I hardly ever need them, so I haven't got used to them. Every time I put them on I'm struggling to adjust. And I must admit, this little token of advancing age is not welcome. Oh well . . .

As for the weaving, you might recognise the Huck Lace in cottolin from a while back. It's my contribution to the class Round Robin exercise, and the loom has come back to me with a fair bit of warp left on it. It seems a pity to let it go to waste, so I'm weaving it off this morning. When that's done, I can start sampling for my personal end of year project.

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