Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Silk Conspiracy

Much as I'm looking forward to making E her alpaca-wool hat, I've been conscious of the fact that she won't get to wear it for maybe six months after her birthday. So I've been wondering about making something in cotton for her to wear this summer. Notice I said cotton. She wants a beret style, so bamboo would be too soft. But there were a couple of skeins of yarn at CCCK with different ideas. They were lying in wait for me; tucked away on a shelf near the door. And when I started looking around yesterday afternoon, they jumped out at me:

  • lovely tweedy texture in burgundy-orange
  • lovely thick yarn, which will hold it's shape nicely
  • lovely: 70% silk, 30% cotton

. . . need I say more?

Thankfully my loyalty points balance covered about half the cost.

I can't say I regret being ambushed like that. The beret is already half made. It feels good in my fingers. I expect to finish it today or tomorrow. That will leave plenty of time to make its cool weather companion. And the forecast here is for more rain and temperatures in the mid-teens, so I needn't worry about the weather slowing me down. Where E lives, the forecast today is for 32! She's going to want a warm weather hat.

1 comment:

Dee said...

oooowwww... is there likely to be any left over for a little something for her mum? like a skinny headband to hold errant hair in place...? pleeeease? (hmmmm can't type head on angle and eyelids blatting sweetly... fill in own picture)