Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We had a warm day yesterday--hot even. All of a sudden the summer clothes I've been thinking about are not so ridiculous. I always have trouble when the season changes. It's as if my imagination refuses to believe what my memory knows--the day will come when I don't need to turn the heater on first thing in the morning. The day will come when an extra layer of warmth is unwelcome. Yesterday was that day. Today it's cool and cloudy again, but yesterday was enough of a reminder. I need to get a summer wardrobe in order.

I have been shopping for clothes. As usual the number of items that suit my body shape, budget and colour preferences are limited. So when I found an affordable black t-shirt which made me smile, I bought two. One can stay plain. the other will get the bead treatment. The necklace is one I made a year or three ago. It's just the wrong length for me. I've never worn it. Now I'm planning to just stitch the beads along the edge of the neck band of this black t-shirt. Then I'll have one plain and one pretty one.


Ang Pang said...

I'm keen to see the 'end product' photo of this! Like the look

Textile Tragic said...

Your wish is granted. I'll photograph it right now.