Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Treasures

I found these little sweeties in a shop in Rathdowne St. I was a bit early to meet a friend for coffee, so I just popped in--and there they were. They cost less than my coffee and cake and they're going to make me happy for a lot longer. The maker isn't credited. I'm sorry about that. Their appeal to me--apart from the obvious colour--is that they're made of thread. It seems to be a version of the string art I did as a child with nails on a board, but the gaps in a wire spring have been used in place of the nails, so the effect is light and subtle. And being made of thread, they are remarkably light to wear. I like that.


Dee said...

they are gorgeous!! i am really fascinated by how they are made. having just recently done something similar on a card i can appreciate how fiddly it would be to make. oh it makes the eyes ache just thinking about the concentrated focus... ta for sharing. is it possible to find out who made them?

Knitpsingirl said...

Aren't they pretty! And so much nicer than that string art done as a child. I particularly like the layered effect.