Friday, October 9, 2009

And Mine . . .

Here's the beginning of the capelet I mentioned yesterday: It's pretty fine--those are 3 mm needles, in case you can't quite read the number. And for the first time I'm wondering if I should be wearing my reading glasses while I knit. I haven't quite come to terms with that concept yet!
I'm knitting from the top down, so the first couple of inches are the collar. I've knitted in a fold line. The collar will be double thickness. I'll stitch it down after I've finished the knitting. After that I changed to stocking stitch and started shaping. I'm increasing at eight different points--they're marked with little loops of wool. You can see one in the top right of the pic. I do own a variety of pretty beaded stitch markers, but I just can't think where they are right now. Rather than getting myself frustrated looking for them in the mess, I decided to make the wool loops and get on with with knitting. When I've got the length I want, or when I start to run out of yarn--whichever is first--I'll finish off with a band of . . . something . . . I'm not sure what at this stage. Possibly a garter stitch band to match the collar or a lace stitch. By then I'll have a better feel for the character of the piece. It looks like the yarn will go quite a long way, but I only spun up just over 50 g, so it's always going to be light and easy to carry. Unlike the blankets, which are my other works in progress. I haven't forgotten them. Now that the capelet is taking shape, I'll be happy to stitch away at it when I'm out and about and focus on the bulkier projects when I'm at home. Especially if the weather stays as cool as it has been this past week--still only 10 degrees when I got up this morning. That's still well and truly woolcraft weather.

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Dee said...

oooooow, how sweet and so fine. it looks lovely. i love how you play and create such beauty. :)