Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yesterday I finished weaving the Huck Lace warp I had left on my loom. then I had to finish the Huck Lace weaving after I'd taken it off the loom. In this case finishing means
  • hemming,
  • weaving in yarn ends
  • washing
  • pressing
  • fringing

. . . all the little things that need to happen to make an item ready for use.

Here's how it looks on my ironing board:

The piece on the right has been hemmed, washed and pressed. The piece on the left is as it came off the loom. I wanted to see how much shrinkage there would be. It's whole centimetere narrower now.

Today, I really should try to do the threading for my Summer and Winter sample. That's well and truly overdue, but there are a few other things to distract me. I'll see how I go.

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Dee said...

that certainly comes up lovely when finished off.