Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Look at These Colours!

I didn't get to see my friend M last weekend. Life was a bit crazy for both of us. So much so that I forgot to return the bed I'd borrowed for my visitors in time for the arrival of her visitors. M was kind enough to revert to Plan B. I haven't even spoken with her enough to find out what Plan B was. I've spent the last couple of days sorting bits and pieces. It feels as though there are an awful lot of bits and pieces! It's going to take a little while for me to get back into routine.

Meanwhile this pic arrived in my inbox from M: The colour combination pretty much floored me. When I start to analyse it, I can see a range of colors from burgundy through orange to yellow--that shouldn't surprise me too much. Look a little closer and of course there's the green. And some of the yellows blend into the greens in the centre of the lilies. At this point I've decided to stop analysing and just stick with the Wow! factor. In my head, I'm already sorting through my dyes, choosing colours and working out proportions. The challenge will be to get the green highlights without muddying up the clarity of the red-orange colours. Of course, I could leave the green out of the dye pot altogether and add it in the form of neps in my spinning or a contrast yarn while weaving or knitting. There are so many options . . . I'm looking forward to having a go--after I've cleared the bench in the kitchen and returned M's bed to her.

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