Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bunny Love

Certificate Spinning class yesterday was one of those fun, exciting days which I wouldn't have missed for anything.

In the morning we did some basic felting--more on that in another post. It was surprisingly easy and successful.

In the afternoon Charly of Ixchel Angora Bunny and Funky fibre Art came to visit. She brought young Tribble as a bonus. Tribble is an eleven week old English Angora bunny. He coped beautifully with being handed around the class. Here he is on M's lap--he even was happy to rub noses! One friendly bunny!It wouldn't be true to say that Tribble was the prime exhibit, because Charly brought stacks of delicious fibre with her. I came home with several bags--ok, half a dozen bags--of exquisite angora blends: angora-merino, angora-silk and angora-baby camel.

But wait, there's more! Charly had prepared a thorough presentation for us. She spoke about her Angora rabbits, and their fibre; about herself and her journey in the craft; and she gave us the benefit of her experience in setting up and living a craft business. I took dozens of photos to try to capture some of her passion and personality. I don't think it can be caught like that, but it was fun trying. I find it hard to believe, but after pouring herself out to us yesterday afternoon, she'll be up with the sparrows this morning and ready to share her beautiful work with the passers by at Southbank Market.

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Vireya said...

That's a well-named bunny!