Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simply Irresistable!

I came home from class today with an extra 2 kilos of fleece. Beautiful, fine merino fleece bought from the grower. It looks like this:
In fact it looks better than the pic, and I can't begin to describe how it feels or smells, or, or, or . . .
I could say,
  • I'd had a bad night
  • it was sooooo soft
  • my resistance was down
  • I had to buy it

I could say,

  • I'd bonded with the fleece after hearing and seeing its characteristics up close
  • I know exactly where it came from and the quality of its breeding
  • it's a beautiful fleece
  • I had to buy it

I could say,

  • I'd decided to use fine merino for my end of year project
  • this is a 2 kilo lot of consistent quality, enough for sampling and my final product
  • this puts me ahead of schedule
  • I had to buy it

Whatever I say, the truth is, it was simply irresistable . . . I bought it!


silkdee said...

LOL... who are you trying to convince?...
you know i am sure it would be ok to have some of this stuff just for the delight of cuddling it in 'those' moments. :)

silkdee said...

another thought... just what was the thought process as you were battling with yourself over whether to buy this sweetie? :) anything like...
..ohh that is sooo nice... so soft... lovely quality...i don't reaaaaalllly need more fleece right now. do i?... perhaps... hmm. i need some for my end of year project... and it really is very good. oh and i really like it... such good value... oh i so need a hug right now... :0 :) ...not at all like that hmmm :>

Textile Tragic said...

Thought process? Who said anything about a though process! It was pure impulse. The thoughts didn't come until I unpacked it from the car and tried to find a spot for it in my house, but no regrets . . . it's perfect.