Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here's What I Got

Here's a skein from yesterday morning's experiment: I'm happy with the texture and colour combination. I'd like to try with a bit more of the very pale green colour--the one you can hardly see. The major difficulty with what I produced is that it's very fragile. I don't think I'd dare knit with it, but I'd like to try it in some weaving. The reason it's so fragile is that the commercial yarn I used to ply it is extremely fine, and being wool, it's not very strong. Also the process of plying to get the bubbly texture that I wanted took most of the twist out of the marle spun single. So I'm relying on the fine wool to provide the strength and it's not really up to it. If I'd used silk to ply with--I did consider it--I would have more strength for the same thickness of yarn. Or I could have doubled the fine wool yarn. That's ok by me. It was an experiment and that's what experiments are for. I have another 50 g of this colour combination in tops that I can play with.


silkdee said...

you have really captured something of the essence of the pic of the tree in bloom, more sdo since plying it, than it appeared in the previous pics.
it looks like it made a lot of yarn, what quantity is it? what would you use it for? is it the sort of thingthat you would weave into a soft fabric? what does it then become? a wrap?

Textile Tragic said...

Good questions! I think I'll proceed to blog and record my musings . . . see you there:)