Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flight Report

Here's the fibre I bought to accompany me on my trip. Wool-silk (50/50) hand-dyed in brown-purple. This half is more brown and the other half is more purple, but all of it is gorgeous:I chose this fibre because I figure a little bit of it will go a long way in terms of effect. I can see lots of positive attributes in my tiniest safest spindle of all, but efficiency of production is not one of them!

Here's a pic of the fibre with the little Pax Spindle. I've put a 50 cent piece next to the spindle whorl to give an idea of size--that's an Australian 50 cent piece:
The flight was fine--delays, turbulence . . . who cares! I had my fibre and spindle with me. I wore the little spindle as a shawl pin onto the plane to circumvent any concerns with the XRay machine. Then I found I was sitting next to a member of the airline staff in the plane--on her way home after a day's work. After a moment's hesitation I just went ahead and started spinning. It's more of a hand-spindle than a drop spindle, but it works fine. The first comment I got from my neighbour was, "that's a smart way to get around it!". No-one seemed at all concerned and I'll happily do it again on my next flight.

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