Friday, March 6, 2009

Now What?

Well, this blog was intended to keep me honest and motivated, while perhaps entertaining you, the reader . . . and I guess it's doing its job!

The question of "now what are you going to do with that skein?" is the obvious one. And here's a really quick answer, because I'm supposed to be leaving for my computer course in under a minute, but I'm just brewing myself one more cup of coffee!

Here are the options
  1. leave it hanging around the house as a "pet" for a bit and see what happens
  2. put it in the "good intentions box"--NB, that's not the same as the "too hard basket" even though there may well be similarities.
  3. pull out the calculator, put on my thinking cap and see how far it will go in a given weaving project.
So, just to pick up the sense of that, here's my calculator in my "good intentions box" and I'm off.

1 comment:

silkdee said...

LOL... i have got to get myself a 'good intentions box'! the thing is it may need to be a very big box. ...your box looks like it would be nice to dive into. :)