Friday, March 27, 2009

Airport Security Pax

I'm making a flying visit to Queensland this weekend. I can't leave until after Weaving class tomorrow evening, and I need to be back in Melbourne early next week. It feels almost as though I'll be spending more time at the airport than with my friends!

I don't much like airports. And being forced to sit without doing any craft work feels like a significant imposition on my personal freedom. Of course, declaring any form of opposition to such security is the last thing I want to do--that's a recipe for trouble. On this trip, though, I will be happy to offer the hand of peace to any airport official, because now I have the tiniest safest drop spindle: Here's my recipe for Airport Security Pax:

  • Take one large coconut shell button and a small "chopstick" closure from the accessories department at my favourite knitting store (it's about half the size of a real chopstick)

  • Carefully shape the two with a stanley knife until they fit together.

  • Add a dab of glue

  • Carve a notch in the side of the button.

  • Shape a hook in the top of the chopstick

  • Allow to settle and adjust as necessary until you develop a suitable balance

  • Add a small amount of suitable fibre, sufficient for the length of your trip.

Enjoy in any airport lounge, plane or other secure location!


silkdee said...

i look forward to hearing the comments that your little cutie illicits at the airport from other airport detainees... you may need a note book as i suspect that it will generate much curiousity and interest. :)

Textile Tragic said...

That's one of the great things about using a drop spindle--any size--I rarely go a day without some stranger being fascinated by it.