Thursday, March 26, 2009

Morning After a Dyeing Day

On my drying rack this morning--the results of yesterday's work. I dyed half a dozen skeins in between all the other bits and pieces of the day:
From left to right:
  • the purple multi-brew, full strength;
  • the same pot, after the first skein was done, plus a bit of extra pink;
  • the next three skeins were in the same dye pot with a blue-green-yellow colour combo;
  • the last skein is from the green pot, when the other three skeins were done, plus a bit more sage green

With spinning, quilting, lesson planning and dyeing going on, I was doing a fair bit of running around! When it came to lunch time the kitchen was full of dyepots with rinse water in both sinks plus a bucket on the floor. . . I ate toast:)

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