Monday, March 23, 2009

Harmony Day

I spent the morning at Sussex Neighbourhood House, putting up decorations to promote Harmony Day. I even went so far as to paint my fingernails orange in celebration of tolerance and diversity:
. . . don't ask me why orange is the colour for harmony day!
Here's how the front of the House looks now that we're done:

We copied the different people from the Harmony Day poster and made them BIG on the photocopier, then we stuck the paper to the back of different colours of poster board. There's been a bunch of volunteers cutting out figures for the past few weeks. The House looked so good that I picked up the phone and rang the local paper. They're coming with a photographer later this afternoon. So, Happy Harmony Day to you! Oh, by the way, I know its Monday March 23, and the poster says March 21, but the House is open Monday to Friday, so we're spreading the celebration out a bit.

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silkdee said...

my kids highschool celebrated harmony day with an out-of-uniform day on tuesday with a gold coin donation to go to harmony day. the kids were all encouraged to wear something orange... lots of orange highschoolers....