Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More is More

I had a precious half hour at a Coffee Shop with a friend yesterday. We'd had a particularly uncomfortable run-in with the automated self-service--there's an oxymoron!--checkout machine and I needed some emotional sustenance. So a triple choc muffin with an Easter egg on top was irresistible.

This pic isn't just a confession, nor an excuse to tantalise my readers:
It illustrates a few of my favourite design principles:
  • contrasts: dark and light, neutrals and brights
  • complementary colours (or nearly)--my favourite, blue, set off with a touch of yellow
  • off-centre--I like it better than symmetrical
  • and more is more--one of my favourite cook books calls it "flavour layering". So, if choc is good, double choc is better and triple choc is better again. That makes triple choc with a chocolate egg on top just great!

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