Saturday, March 21, 2009


Here's a detail of my Cockatoo Quilt: Since it's hanging around in my work room, I've been thinking over my design process for it. I had originally planned a collection of Australian animals to go in and around the tree. In fact I'd got as far as making patterns for each one. But once I put the cockatoo in place at the top of the tree, that was it. He totally dominated the picture and I decided to let the cockatoo take over. The quilt went from being my "Australian Animals" quilt, to being my "Cockatoo" quilt!

Since then I've got to know a cockatoo--a friend's pet--and his personality just confirms what happened in my quilt. He is bright and cheeky and remarkably intelligent. In fact one thing I'd change if I was re-designing the quilt is the expression in the cockatoo's eye. It could do with a bit more attitude.


Brad said...

you are very talented!
This quilt is gorgeous.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks Brad. It's been a long time in the making. Now I'd like to see if I can finish it.