Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have You Any Wool

My next consignment to CCCK--the wool shop in Northcote--is well and truly overdue. While I've been going crazy with quilt-making they have been selling a steady trickle of my handspun wool. I spoke with Andrea there yesterday to tidy up my teaching schedule. I'm going to have to fit in at least two more quilting courses this year! But I want to make sure I keep up my knitting and crochet classes too, so I had to do some clever juggling with my calendar. Anyway, Andrea said they could really do with more of my yarn, which is a nice problem to have. So I sat at my spinning wheel a while longer than usual yesterday, and this morning I have this to show: Two bobbins of multi-marle merino in sea-spray colours. I have to do some quilting today, but I'll intersperse it with plying up this wool--both activities can be hard on my muscles if I do them continuously, so hopefully if I alternate the two I'll be ok. There are already a few skeins in the CCCK box, so this will give me a couple more. Then all I have to do is get my paperwork organised. The final quilting class in this course is tomorrow night, so I should be right.

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